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B2B Mineral stands as a dedicated B2B platform for the global mining and mineral industries, fostering connections among major and small miners, producers, suppliers, and customers worldwide. Functioning as a gateway to international markets, this platform emerged from a recognized need for a specialized reference site addressing the purchase and sale of mineral materials and mining equipment. Unlike existing B2B sites, B2B Mineral exclusively focuses on the unique requirements of the mining and minerals industry, providing miners and suppliers with a user-friendly and reliable transactional platform.

As one of the most specialized and transparent B2B marketplaces, B2B Mineral prioritizes the diverse needs of both buyers and sellers.


Our ambition at B2B Mineral is to ascend among the top B2B markets for mining and minerals. With unparalleled features, exceptional customer support, and continuous assistance, we strive to facilitate seamless trade and communication between suppliers and customers. Our platform empowers customers to select and purchase minerals or products at the best cost and quality from various providers. Simultaneously, suppliers can engage with confirmed and dependable customers, fostering trust and reliability.

All users of B2B Mineral, including miners, mineral producers, suppliers, and companies specializing in mining machinery and equipment, can securely conduct business online at any time or location.


      1. Trusted Suppliers & Buyers:

Suppliers and purchasers undergo a rigorous authentication process, receiving a verification checkmark upon approval.

      2. The seller's dedicated website (dedicated page):

Suppliers can showcase their goods and services on a feature-rich, dedicated page.

      3. The possibility of inserting two different locations for the supplier:

Manufacturers and miners can indicate alternative storage locations, enabling customers to choose products closest to their location, saving time and money.

      4. Verified sample:

     B2B Mineral provides sample verification by examining samples in our accredited laboratory, adding a verification checkmark to products whose analysis aligns with the supplier's information, and instilling confidence in customers.

      5. Verified RFQ:

Rigorous review and approval of RFQs by our technical and support teams, ensuring authenticity and timely distribution to connected vendors.

      6. Customer Support:

Reach our support team through live chat or ticket submissions 24/7 for prompt and comprehensive assistance.

Trusted customers never forget

When our site users perceive a commitment to continuous improvement, it inspires us to work diligently to deliver the finest customer experience. Trust is a precious asset, fostering profound connections that resonate with the desires of consumers seeking reliability and excellence.

Facilitating safe and seamless trade

A transaction materializes only when both parties find it mutually beneficial. This mission is our commitment in response to the trust you place in our site, ensuring enhanced and secure trade experiences for you.

Product and services category

Our platform boasts the most comprehensive categories related to mining and mineral services, covering everything from A to Z.

Easy Sourcing

Easy sourcing entails convenient access to goods, services, or information. On our site, once a purchaser submits a sourcing request, suppliers are seamlessly matched, providing quotes upon conclusion. Buyers can easily review these quotes and initiate contact with the selected suppliers.